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Allan, J

Little is known about the artist whose work 'Nicol Street, Sunset' is currently held in the collections of the Arran Heritage Museum. This oil painting was possibly painted from a period post card, or at the time 'en plain eir'. A possible date of '07' can be seen bottom right.

It is most tlikely that this is a modern reproduction of a painting owned by the Reverend Archibald Hunter (1900-1943) of Kilwinning, depicting a street in Lamlash. Only the sycamore, dyke and road remain. Slated cottages similar to this design still exist in Ben Lister. 


Information regarding the owner of the original painting come from Abacus Printers in Cumbria who have reproduced a similar image on a postcard with the above information regarding the Reverend Archibald Hunter. 

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