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Brown, Alexander Kellock

Alexander Kellock Brown (11 February 1849 – 9 May 1922)

was a Scottish painter of landscapes and brother of William Kellock Brown. He painted in oils and water-colors and exhibited frequently at the Royal Scottish Academy exhibits between 1871 and 1922.

He was elected a full member of the Royal Scottish Academy in 1908. Brown was the co-founder of the Scottish Artist's Benevolent Association, and was its President until 1922. He was also President of the Glasgow Art Club.

Born in Edinburgh , he painted predominately Scottish landscapes and flowers. Kellock Brown studied at the Glasgow School of Art, a favoured view is that of the landscape of ‘A view in the South of  Arran’  which is in common with the contemporaries of his time such as Waller Hugh Paton. Exhibited RA, RSW, ARSA, RSA. This painting is held in the Paisley Art Institute Collection.

Brown received his first drawing lessons in the Free Church Normal School, Cowcaddens. He took night classes at the Glasgow Art School taught by Robert Greenlees. Brown was an apprentice in the designing department of Inglis and Wakefield, calico printers, for 7 years. Later, Brown studied at the Heatherly School in London. He travelled and painted with such fellow artists as James Docharty and E. A. Walton. He would die in Lamlash in 1922. 


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