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Jamieson, F E

Jamieson. Francis E. (1895 - 1950) was a painter in oil and watercolour of Highland and Coastal scenes. A prolific painter who often signed with pseudonyms such as 'Phil Hips', 'Graham Williams', 'W. Richards' and 'Arnold Pienne'. His oils were most commonly Loch or Highland landscapes. He traveled widely through out the country between the wars selling his paintings. His work was often in a more traditional Victorian style and his pictures were reproduced as postcards by Ajelli and Co of London around 1920.

Born in 1895, Jamieson lived on the south coast of England and was contracted to a large department store to supply them with his paintings. He was an ambitious man and keen to sell more works than through just one shop. In order to do this, he started to sign his works with pseudonyms other than his own name, in order that he could sell his work to a wider audience. It worked and it is considered that Jamieson at least 15 different pseudonym names on his paintings. 

In addition to selling through furniture shops, Jamieson would travel door to door offering his paintings to housewives and private buyers. In our years of researching the artist, we heard one story related to us by an old customer who remembers that Jamieson started selling door to door travelling by bicycle. By the end of his career, he was selling door to door in his Bentley motor car.

In order to increase his output, Jamieson would often paint the same scene and subject many times over. After a holiday to the Highlands of Scotland, became obsessed with painting highland landscapes and became one of the most prolific artists of his time. His favourite area of Scotland was Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, where he painted literally thousands of highland scenes, some of which numerous times over again.


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