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Krause, Franz

Franz (or Francis) Emil Krause (1836-1900) was born in Berlin. 

He specialized in landscape and marine painting and started to exhibit at the Berlin academy exhibitions in 1879.

He married Amelia Stock, the daughter of another German painter, Johann Stock. They moved to England, settling in Southport where some of his paintings were of shipwrecks. One of these paintings hangs in Southport Art Gallery as does one by his son Emil. The family became naturalised British subjects in 1881.

Franz eventually moved to Conway, North Wales where he painted some beautiful canvases of the local countryside. His favourite subjects were landscapes in Schleswig, rocky beaches and coastlines, as well as English and Dutch impressions of nature. Krause died at the age of about 64 in Conway, Wales.

Franz’s son, Emil Axel Krause was born Friedrich Augustus Emil Krause in Biesdorf, Germany, in 1871. He was likely taught how to draw and paint from his father, with whom he moved to Southport, and later to Conway, North Wales, and became well known for his scenic watercolours of the North of England, Lake District and Scotland (including the Ayrshire coast and Kyles of Bute). With the onset of World War I Emil began signing his works with the name Emil Albert Stock, using his mother’s maiden name, as anti-German sentiment was on the rise (though he would eventually revert back to his original name). He was known for his water-colours of the landscapes and architecture of North England, Wales and Scotland.

He died in Southport in 1945 where he was buried in the Duke Street cemetery beside his mother and brother. His work is included in the collection of the Atkinson Art Gallery in Southport.

Note: another Emil Krause artist lived in Copenhagen (1866 - 1922) and is frequently credited with E.A. Krause's work, and vice versa. The Danish Krause was primarily known for his oil paintings.




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