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Perigal, Arthur

Arthur Perigal (1816 - 1884) was born in London, the son of Arthur Perigal senior, artist (1784-1847).

He came with his father to Edinburgh around 1830 and studied there under his father but was otherwise self-taught. He was influenced by Horatio McCulloch and to a lesser degree by the pre-Raphaelites.

He established a reputation as a landscape painter in both oil and watercolour from a young age. Some of his watercolours painted in Italy in the early 1840s show a lightness of touch missing in his later work. His views of the fishing villages of the east coast of Scotland have historical interest but have not always been appreciated.

He was elected an Associate Member of the Royal Scottish Academy at the young age of twenty five and a Full Member in 1868. He exhibited at the Royal Academy 1861-1884, also Royal Scottish Academy, the British Institution, Glasgow Institute, Manchester City Art Gallery and Suffolk Street. He was also elected a Member of the Royal Scottish Watercolour Society in 1878 and was appointed Treasurer in 1880.

He worked in Italy in the 1840s and 1870s and also painted some scenes of Hampstead in London. With the exception of some views in Switzerland and Italy, his landscapes were entirely of Scottish scenery treated in a crisp, breezy manner often verging on hardness but always bold and firm in handling. All of his titles at the Royal Academy were Scottish landscapes. He died in Edinburgh in 1884.


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