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Wangmo, Dechi

"You don't have to be a spiritual person, or a frazzled bundle of neuroses, to benefit from Holy Island." - Dechi Wangmo

For the trail we have decided to mark to mark the work of Dechi Wangmo (unknown - 2003) , a painter, and former caretaker of the island who trained under Sherab Palden Beru (1911-2012) the exiled master Thangka painter.

Working on rocks originally carved by Gyamtso Tashi, another master from Samyé Ling, Dechi Wangmo created stunning and striking works which managed to endure the worst excesses of the Scottish weather, at times using acyrlic paints designed for oil rigs. Her works continue to leave a deep impression on both residents and vistors to the island alike. 

Truly community artworks, these sacred pieces, first begun in 1993 continue to be maintained, restored and re-worked by many hands, and will continue to be for a long time to come.


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